London Olympics 2012


The London Olympics 2012 are now just a few weeks away and so, further to our news article in March, we would like to update our customers with the latest information regarding the potential impact to our road network and businesses during this period.

We expect restrictions in London and other areas around the UK hosting events.

Priority will be given to Olympic traffic through the introduction of the Olympic and Paralympic Route Networks which will involve some road closures and;
  • Changes to traffic signals,
  • Restricted turns into side roads,
  • Suspension of parking or loading bays,
  • Suspension of some pedestrian crossings.

The Olympic Route Network (ORN) will be in place from 25th July to 14th August 2012.

The Paralympic Route Network (PRN) will be in place from 27th August to 11th September 2012.

Some shipping lines are considering surcharges for deliveries in and around areas impacted by the Olympics depending on the level of congestion encountered once the ORN and PRNs are implemented.

We are liaising with our hauliers to mitigate against problems but realistically customers in affected areas should consider:
  • Making use of out-of-hours deliveries, where possible,
  • Identifying different delivery points that may be easier to reach,
  • Alternative loading and unloading locations if the usual points are unavailable.

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