MV Sudkap calls at Newport


We were delighted to handle our first vessel on behalf of Normed Line when the MV Sudkap called in Newport. She discharged a 123 tonne locomotive which drew much attention from many railway enthusiasts who turned up to witness the event. The GE Locomotive was loaded at Izmir in Turkey and discharged in Newport using the vessels own heavy lift cranes. The operation was conducted expertly by the vessel’s Master and crew who are very well versed in this type of exercise. You can see many photographs of the operation in the Gallery section of our website.

Normed Line are running a regular general cargo/breakbulk liner service between the North Continent and Eastern Mediterranean, and will call at any port en route subject to inducement. Their fleet of modern well maintained vessels can cope with most project movements, including heavy lifts up to 180 tonnes. If you have any cargo enquiries please get in touch, we would be delighted to give you a quotation. Why not take a look at the Normed fleet on their website

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