No Toll Tax on Suffolk


We support the 'No Toll Tax on the A14' campaign led by the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Shipping.

The Suffolk Chamber of Commerce has spoken out at the proposals to turn part of the A14 into a toll road that, if given the go ahead, will begin construction in 2015. It is part of Suffolk Chamber's continued long standing lobbying of decision makers on this matter and sees it cranking up its stance another notch with the launch of their campaign ‘No Toll Tax on Suffolk’.

“For many years, Suffolk Chamber, our members and firms across the county have been calling for improvements to this major part of our economic infrastructure, however not at the expense of tolling,” said John Dugmore, the Chief Executive of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce. “There is no doubt though that the proposals put forward by the Department for Transport will be damaging to our economy and tolling of the A14 will have a detrimental impact on business and Suffolk.”

The proposals being consulted on over the next two months see part of the A14 in Cambridgeshire being upgraded into a toll road. It means that individuals, families and businesses travelling to and from Suffolk will have to pay the toll with the only way to avoid it being a 20 mile round trip through the Cambridgeshire countryside.

“These proposals provide a unique disadvantage for Suffolk,” John Dugmore continued. “Suffolk businesses will be unique in facing a toll to get goods to market and to get supplies from businesses around the country.”

“The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg last week suggested that the new toll road would ‘spread the burden’ on improvements to the A14. Spreading the burden is exactly what tolls will not do. Rather, they will put a greater burden on this particular part of the country.”

Over the coming weeks and during the consultation period Suffolk Chamber will be lobbying Members of Parliament and other stakeholders on the campaign and the detrimental affect the tolling will have on the county.

Suffolk Chamber of Commerce No Toll Tax Leaflet

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