Port Health Update - Imports of Products of Animal Origin


Notification of Products of Animal Origin to Port Health

The law requires that all imports of Products of Animal Origin (PoAO) are notified to Port Health before the goods arrive (are unloaded). This pre-notification must be made by submitting a CVED (Common Veterinary Entry Document) on TRACES. Currently approximately 20% of PoAO imports at Felixstowe fail to be notified within the deadline.

This level of late submissions is unacceptable and is likely to lead to strong criticism of Felixstowe BIP (Border Inspection Post) at the next audit of the UK by the European Commission later this year. If improvements are not made then it is likely that Defra will be looking for the UK BIPS to take stronger action to resolve this situation.

What the law says

The legal requirement is for the person responsible for the load to submit a CVED to the BIP before the products of animal origin are landed. This is detailed in Article 2 of Commission Regulation (EC) No 136/2004 and Regulation 14 of The Trade in Animals and Related Products Regulations 2011.

Issues with pre notification

Health Certificate not Available
The reason CVEDs are not submitted before the consignment is landed is often said to be because the health certificate was not available. To meet the legal requirement the CVED must be submitted on time. The original health certificate can be submitted later.

The earlier that you submit your documents the better. Getting all of your documents to Port Health well before the vessel arrives, ideally at least 3 days before, means that we may be able to resolve any queries that arise without causing delay. In addition, if the container is requested for examination before it is unloaded, the Port are better able to manage the speedy delivery to the examination facility.

Action required

Agents - If you do not have the original health certificate, submit the signed CVED with a copy of the health certificate and copy commercial documents (if available) with a note to state that the original health certificate will follow when available. We will not be able to start the veterinary checks until we receive the original certificate but the legal requirement for notification prior to arrival will have been met.

Importers - If you are an importer make sure your agent has the health certificate or a copy of the health certificate in good time so that the CVED can be completed before the consignment arrives. It is good practice to routinely get a copy of the health certificate faxed or emailed to you so that the information can be used to create and submit the CVED on time.

Please take the necessary steps to ensure all your CVEDs are now submitted before the consignment is landed.

For further information about the importation of PoAO please see the related webpage.

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