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We pride ourselves on the range of services we offer.

Feel free to click through our Services menu and find out what we can do for you.

We aim to offer our customers a 'one stop shop' and will rise to any challenge - our capabilities are not limited to the services outlined here.

We've been involved in many weird and wonderful projects over the years which have put our particular skills to the test - delivering 2 white rhinos alive and very much kicking springs to mind!

Military Logistics

We've participated in some of the largest military projects of the last ten years including shipping, deploying and sustaining large amounts of equipment out from the UK.

As you would expect, our proposals and abilities have been subject to the most rigorous technical and financial examinations at the highest level, with substantial contracts being won against much larger and more corporate competitors.

Harwich International Port

In 2007, Grange Shipping were recruited to provide Port Agency and Project Management services for the decommissioning and relocation of the High Speed Ferry Linkspan at Harwich International Port.

We arranged welfare facilities, accommodation, tugs, surveyors, crane hire, equipment hire and a variety of other services on behalf of the Swedish company contracted to complete the project.

Following our successful involvement in the project, Grange Shipping were contracted by the same company to assist with the installation of the new Upper Deck Linkspan at Berth 2, Parkestone Quay, Harwich International Port in 2009 / 2010.

Project Management

Throughout our history, we've demonstrated our ability to lead and add value to a diverse range of projects. We've moved boats, planes, armoured tanks, arranged countless heavy lifts and moved an entire Tarmac factory (see our Gallery).

We believe projects such as these rather uniquely demonstrate our ability, innovation and professionalism.

The decommissioned High Speed Ferry Linkspan was towed away(uphill by the look of this photo!) from Harwich International Port  by the North Sea Tug Barracuda on The North Sea Barge Viking 2.

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