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In Felixstowe we operate from a number of subcontracted warehouses (depending on commodity) located on the perimeter of the Port. We also have warehousing space in Ipswich, Tilbury and Grangemouth.

The warehouses have direct access to the Port allowing the handling of overweight and heavy equipment without using UK roads. Cargoes include cranes, plant machinery as well as the safe loading and unloading of motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

The location of the warehouses also allows the handling of overweight containers - by legally allowing clients to take advantage of the maximum payload of a container and offering a full 'Port-Centric' solution.

We are able to provide a full Enhanced Remote Transit Shed (ERTS) service – from setting up the manifest to devan, customs clearance and delivery with quick collection, devan and turnaround times.

Other cargoes handled at all ports include paper in reels or pallets, steel in bundles and coils and a palletising / shrink wrap service for high value electronic equipment that delivers to major retailers. Port Warehouse