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At Grange Shipping, we take customer service very seriously.

We understand more than most the importance of freight to your business. Getting shipments from one place on the globe to another can be complex. We do our utmost to reduce this complexity so you can focus on where the freight needs to be and what it will cost to get it there.

We will always offer you the best options for your freight - the fastest way we can get it there, the most cost effective way to get it there and any additional services you may require to make everything go smoothly including Customs Clearance from our brokerage service if necessary.

It's not just about the cost. We know that as a customer shipping valuable freight through us, you will want reassurance along the way. Our team are always available at the end of the phone and we keep you notified of the progress of your freight from pick up to drop off.

Finally, as a customer of Grange Shipping, you are benefitting from over 30 years of expertise in freight forwarding. Our customers tend to stick with us long term as we can offer them not only excellent value, but peace of mind knowing their freight is in the hands of experts.