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A major part of the company's specialist business involves our particular expertise in the safe and legal transportation of hazardous cargoes, especially those of Class 1 (explosive) variety by sea, land and air.

Movements can be accomplished from single cartons, through to part and full container loads. Part or full vessel charters are also an option, as is (sometimes surprisingly) airfreight.

The company has extensive knowledge of UK safety regulations and bye laws. We work closely with a variety of Ports' DG (Dangerous Goods) Departments to meet local conditions for the collection and delivery of hazardous consignments.

We are active members of the EIG (Explosives Industries Group) of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). In addition, we are also registered with the UK Home Office as Section 5 Licence Holders for the safe, legal transportation of weapons and ammunition.

Eurofighter Typhoon

We have established an extensive network of like minded professional companies throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the USA. This gives us access to unique solutions to the difficult problems that arise when moving hazardous materials.

Fireworks at Felixstowe
Containers with Class 1.4G fireworks can only be landed on the quayside at the Port of Felixstowe for a maximum of 24 hours after which time Felixstowe will fine offending importers for breaching the port's explosive licence (something we try at all costs to avoid). Class 1.3G fireworks must be directly discharged to the collecting vehicle and cannot be stored at the Port of Felixstowe at all.

We only use competant, correctly equipped hauliers that have commited to working within the restrictions of the Port of Felixstowe's explosive licence.

Trading Standards have increased their examinations/interest in imported fireworks adding another layer of complication to an already difficult situtation. This can cause problems with drivers hours and horrible complications when HMRC, X-Ray Scanning and Trading Standards examinations combine with out of hours, weekend and bank holiday arrivals.

In such circumstances it becomes imperative that you utilise the services of a competent agent (such as ourselves) to avoid incurring penalties and heavy charges. Please contact this office for further information.
Fireworks at Felixstowe
Please also see our Downloads page which contains an abundance of information regarding the movement of explosive and hazardous cargoes.