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Are you shipping the right way

Grange Shipping is your ideal freight forwarding partner. We do things the right way.

Covering everything from sea, air and road freight to customs clearance, warehousing and even project cargo, our nearly 40 years of trading from our offices in Felixstowe means our expertise is second to none. We know freight forwarding inside out. We understand its complexities and we understand the importance of imports and exports to your business. 

Our road freight team handle shipping to all parts of Europe including express vans where needed. Our sea freight and air freight services get your shipments to and from any part of the globe and our specialist customs clearance team can take care of all customs clearance requirements, whatever your freight is and wherever it's going to or coming from.

This, coupled with our specialisms in project cargo, fresh fruit / veg and even hazardous cargo, makes us a sound choice for any business.

Let Grange Shipping do things the right way for your freight.

Call the team on 01394 605200 for more details and to request any quote.