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Brexit is now on the horizon and approaching fast.

The details of a deal are no clearer. It is (almost) certain that you will need to complete customs entries for all imports / exports from/to the EU. The details are excruciatingly imprecise depending to a large extent on Government IT systems that in some cases barely exist.

Without a deal on standards and certification we can see that Food and Plant derived imports and exports will be particularly hard hit. I could go on, there must be an upside.

Covid-19 is a long-term problem. On any one day we have about 60% of our staff working in the office with the balance working from home.

The UK haulage situation is dire with Ports, especially Felixstowe, having so reduced their capacity that they are unable to service Sea or Land side operations properly. This is leading to delays of 1-2 weeks in delivery times with the Shipping Lines making no concessions on rent and demurrage.

Nevertheless we continue to work long hours to do the best that is possible for you in very challenging circumstances.

As before, if you wish to contact us, please phone the office or your usual contact numbers here.

If you do not get a reply please email your contact or info@grangeshipping.co.uk and we will get back to you very quickly.

For Accounts queries email accounts@grangeshipping.co.uk

You can also reference our list of Brexit Resources which is regularly updated. 

We hope you continue to keep safe and well.

John Grange, Managing Director, Grange Shipping Limited. 15th October 2020