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Now that the UK has left the EU there are certain details required to be present on ALL import / export commercial invoices, regardless of origin or destination. Making sure all invoices contain the correct details will help ensure your freight does not get unnecessarily held up at customs.

We list these requirements below;

Required details for commercial invoices

  • Name, address, EORI number and VAT number of both the importer and exporter
  • Article Number
  • Number of pieces
  • Description of the goods (please make sure to include the customs commodity code)
  • Gross and net weight (this may also be mentioned on the packing list)
  • Type of packaging (box, pallet, bottle etc)
  • Currencies of the invoice
  • Price per item and total price of the invoice
  • Incoterm and place
  • Invoice number and date
  • Country of origin of the goods

Sample Invoice

We have also created a sample invoice that can be used as a guide for your own invoices going forward. Download a PDF here.

Further reading

For more details and document on post-Brexit requirements for all businesses, visit our Brexit Resources page.