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Today, the IMO is celebrating the fourth edition of its global campaign: Day of the Seafarer, held every year on 25 June.
Seafarers are the people without whom food, clothes, gifts, gadgets or even basic needs would not reach our doors. We rely on them every day. Yet have you ever said thank you to a seafarer? Chances are you haven't.

For this year's campaign, the IMO are asking people around the world to complete the sentence "Seafarers brought me......" Here are a few from our staff:

"Seafarers brought me the sweet potatoes I'll be eating with my dinner tonight."

"Seafarers brought me hair straighteners!"

"Seafarers brought me my Grandad back from the 2nd World War so that I could get to know him and experience his wealth of knowledge and support through my early years. He really made a difference to our lives."

"Seafarers brought me the tea leaves for my cuppa this morning."