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The 2nd edition of the Border Operating Model document has been released and can be downloaded here.

This new document expands upon the first which you can download here. Both documents are required reading to be fully informed of the changes at the border with the EU going forward. We expect further developments and of course will keep this site updated with any future revisions.

Key points from the 2nd Edition

In this document, emphasis is placed on the requirement for customs entries to be made for all goods moving to and from the EU, regardless of whether or not a deal is struck between the EU and the UK and of the three stage approach to re-introducing frontier controls.

Additional information on the building of port infrastructure and of inland sites where customs and other related activities is also included in this second edition.

Other additional information is included on;

  • Deferred Declaration procedures and the data requirements for Entry in Declarants Records
  • Guarantees and where a waiver is applicable
  • Information on liabilities
  • Information about what is “Core Compliance”
  • The reduced data sets required for bulk entries

Things of note

The programme referred to as "SmartFreight" in the first edition of the BOM is now renamed “Check a Heavy Goods Vehicle is Ready to cross the Border Service”. Snappy.

It's also worth pointing out that Northern Ireland is covered by a separate protocol.

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