As part of the Brexit withdrawal agreement, there are requirements for goods originating from the UK and EU to claim preferential 0% duties. This post details those requirements to help your business include the correct paperwork with your freight.
Imports from EU to UK

If importing from the EU to the UK, a statement of origin can be made out by the exporter where the value of the goods is €6,000 or less. If the value is more than €6,000 the EU exporter must have a Registered Exporter (REX) number and include this in the statement.

Exports from UK to EU

If you are exporting goods from UK to EU, you must include your EORI number in the statement you provide to the EU customer, regardless of the value of the goods. 

The statements in both cases must be provided on the invoice or any other commercial document, excluding the Bill of Lading.

Statement example

The text for a Statement on Origin is as follows;

Period: from ____________ to ____________ [1]

The exporter of the products covered by this document
(EORI/ Exporter Reference No:  ____________ [2]) declares that, except where otherwise clearly indicated, these products are of ____________ [3] preferential origin.

Place and Date: ____________________________________ [4]
Name of the exporter: _____________________________

[1] If the statement on origin is completed for multiple shipments of identical originating products within the meaning of point (b) of Article ORIG.19(4) [Statement on Origin] of this Agreement, indicate the period for which the statement on origin is to apply. That period shall not exceed 12 months, importations of the product must occur within the period indicated. If a period is not applicable, the field may be left blank.
[2] Indicate the reference number by which the exporter is identified. For the Union exporter, this will be the number assigned in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Union. For the United Kingdom exporter, this will be the number assigned in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable within the United Kingdom. Where the exporter has not been assigned a number, this field may be left blank.
[3] Indicate the origin of the product: the United Kingdom or the Union
[4] Place and date may be omitted if the information is contained on the document itself.